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our vision

It is our vision that the LWOP Alliance group will benefit the safety and security of CDCR staff, the prison population, and to the communities they will be returning to. 

Participants will profit from the attention to their specific avenues for release such as, commutation and how to structure their individual paperwork.

In addition to achieving the means to  physical freedom, the LWOP Alliance group focuses heavily on the duality of possible commutation as well as coming to terms with life in prison.

lwop alliance curriculum

The LWOP Alliance curriculum is based on a form of Cognitive Behavior Therapy known as Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy (REBT). The basic version of REBT is people create and contribute to their own problems by the extreme and rigid beliefs they hold about events and situations. Essentially, REBT says one's current state is not limited or determined by situations or events, but rather how one interprets them. The LWOP Alliance group is a six month course and is RAC (Rehabilitative Achievement Credits) approved.

Cognitive Restructuring

Thinking tools

Creating freedom opportunities

Reframing situations

Essay Writing

How to construct an essay

Public speaking

Format a business letter


Creating + executing pro-social activities

Community projects


Reflection writing 

Respect + Responsibilty

Securing personal agency

Pro-social vs Anti-social

Identifying + isolating problematic behavior

Developing pro-social skills

Capitalizing on opportunity

Understanding humanity

Commutation Packet

How to construct + develop

Structuring your C-file

Planning for success on paper

Peer Network 

Utilizing one's own strengths

Identifying other's skills + strengths

Accessing power

Lifer Support Alliance

Making amends

Guest Speakers

Individuals who have been system-impacted, professionals, academics, and community activists

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