redemption row ink

As a fundraiser to launch our statewide correspondence course in Parole Board readiness, we will be offering artwork provided by some of the best artists in the California Department of Corrections to be used as tattoo stencils or wall art with a donation.


Redemption Row is expanding into ALL California prisons by turning our successful workshops into a correspondence course that can be done independently at one's own pace. By doing this, we are able to expand and reach thousands of people who are incarcerated and need to prepare for their Parole Board Hearing or want to have a greater demonstration of self-awareness, empathy, and insight as part of their rehabilitation. 

Very soon, this page will highlight each of Redemption Row's artists, their artwork, and the ability to ask any specific artist for a custom piece. Your artwork can be taken into your favorite tattoo shop and applied, or given as a gift to a loved one. 

Redemption Row Ink is the only place you can get a custom prison tattoo or wall art, support art in prisons while also contributing in the launch of a radical and highly successful program which will aid in bringing people home.

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"the going queen"by: Joel Baptiste


"Nemesis, the Goddess of Revenge"
by: Joel baptiste