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wrongfully convicted


Ryan Mickey

Ryan Mickey has been incarcerated since February 2006 for a crime he could not, and did not commit. Rendering first-aid to his girlfriends toddler daughter when she became ill and misdiagnosed and sent home by medical professionals, Ryan attempted CPR on the child while first responders were in route. Tragically, the child died at the hospital later on the next day. 

An avid surfer, animal lover, artist, world traveler, loving son and brother, loyal friend, and hard-worker, Ryan was enthusiastic with his new role as a male role model and caregiver for his girlfriends daughter; the anthesis of his new girlfriend's estranged husband and father of the child who was incarcerated on domestic abuse charges stemming from his violent attacks on his wife while pregnant with their child. 

In utero, the child received a brain injury from the physical abuse her mother suffered at the hands of her husband. Sixteen months later, when Ryan had become involved in the lives of both mother and child, the toddler's prior brain injury began to bleed causing her to become lathargic and ill; misdiagnosed as the flu by a nurse practioner and ultimately caused the child to stop breathing and go into cardiac arrest while in Ryan's care.

A myriad of police corruption, prosecutorial misconduct, perjuries, and suborned perjuries became commonplace as the District Attorney attempted to convict Ryan of Murder. Moreover, the Court prohibited key pieces of exculpatory evidence that would have carried great weight with the jury when determining their verdict.


Ryan was found NOT GUILTY of the Murder charge, and the lesser charges resulted in a hung jury not once, not twice, but three times. Irritated, the judge strongly encouraged the jury to render judgement after three weeks of deadlock.  By giving  the wrong legal standards to apply by the judge of the lesser charge, the jury was unable to reach the correct verdict.


Numerous hands were placed on the toddler's face and head during the frantic life-saving efforts by Ryan and also emergency responders administering rescue breathing which was witnessed and performed by the Murrieta Fire Department who took over on the scene. The toddler was coagulopoathic - a condition affecting the blood's ability to coagulate - which is the only logical explanation for the bruising that occured as quickly and severely as it did. Most CPR pediatric injuries involve the head/neck, these injuries are due to compressions and to ventilation/intubation. In addition, chest compressions in children under 4 years of age can experience pancreatic hemorrhage, hepatic/splenic contusion or laceration, retroperitoneal hemorrhage, and gastric perforation if aid is performed by someone not skilled in CPR on a child. 


 Ryan was found GUILTY of assault on
a child that resulted in death - a prison term which carries 25 years to life.  

Ryan Mickey is currently serving his sentence at Richard J. Donovan Correctional Facility in

San Diego, California. 


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