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Parole board

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Redemption Row California provides more than self-help programming to participants; as a collective, we assist with parole board readiness, preparedness, and advocacy for those who qualify to appear before the Board of Parole.


If your loved one has a parole date that is at least one year from today's date, has not received a Rule Violation Report, (115) or counseling chrono in the last three years, they are encouraged to write to us asking for assistance in preparing them for parole.

Our correspondece course includes academic-based readings on shame, guilt, and violence, understanding the value and applying emotional vocabulary to better express oneself, questionnaires, surveys, and evaluations. We work with the individual on identifying key triggers to relapse, focusing on the warning signs, and constructing pragmatic coping mechanisms. We cover areas such as anger management, denial management, substance abuse, victim awareness, domestic violence, low self-esteem, gang awareness and recovery, and much more on a case-by-case basis.

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