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Redemption Row California has achieved national and international attention for our work in parole board preparedness and advocacy with incarcerated individuals

Redemption Row California on CNN

Tom Foreman reporting for OutFront with Erin Burnett on CNN. 

Redemption Row California on
The Hill 
with Ryan Grim

Governor Jesse Ventura + Jen Abreu discuss Sirhan Sirhan
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One of the many people fighting on behalf of Sirhan Sirhan is Jen Abreu, the Executive Director of Redemption Row California. She recently joined Gov. Jesse Ventura to delve into the bizarre and often tragic case of Sirhan Sirhan. A man who many researches and historians now believe was not the “lone nut” gunman the U.S. Government and Mainstream Media declared he was.

In this podcast, Gov. Ventura and Ms. Abreu discuss Gov. Gavin Newsom’s denying of Sirhan’s parole, the conspiracies surrounding the assassination and whether Sirhan represents a current threat to society.

Los Angeles Times

Is it time to release Sirhan Sirhan from prison? He's served 53 years for killing Robert Kennedy

by: Nicholas Goldberg

Voices River City

River City, Episode 180: Freeing Sirhan Sirhan, with Redemption Row California president Jen Abreu


Jen Abreu, who runs the group Redemption Row California, is one of the women expected to speak before the parole board.

Los Angeles Times

Sirhan began working with several prisoners at the Richard J. Donovan Correctional Facility in San Diego who are trained to help other inmates with conflict resolution.

by: Leila Miller

The Intercept

Sirhan Sirhan mentored by mafia leaders

by: Ryan Grim

Friends of Michael Goodwin

Redemption Row California Wins

Sirhan Sirhan Parole

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